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Removed comment about installation.

Removed comment about Emacs 19 support.
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......@@ -825,10 +825,6 @@ commands like @kbd{M-x calc} (for the standard user interface) or
(that's Meta with the letter @kbd{x}), then, at the prompt,
type the full command (like @kbd{calc-keypad}) and press Return.
If you type @kbd{M-x calc} and Emacs still doesn't recognize the
command (it will say @samp{[No match]} when you try to press
@key{RET}), then Calc has not been properly installed.
The same commands (like @kbd{M-# c} or @kbd{M-# M-#}) that start
the Calculator also turn it off if it is already on.
......@@ -954,8 +950,7 @@ go into regular Calc (with @kbd{M-# c}) to change the mode settings.
@dfn{Keypad Mode} is a mouse-based interface to the Calculator.
It is designed for use with terminals that support a mouse. If you
don't have a mouse, you will have to operate keypad mode with your
arrow keys (which is probably more trouble than it's worth). Keypad
mode is currently not supported under Emacs 19.
arrow keys (which is probably more trouble than it's worth).
Type @kbd{M-# k} to turn Keypad Mode on or off. Once again you
get two new windows, this time on the righthand side of the screen
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