Commit be94d713 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* vc/vc-svn.el (vc-svn-dir-status-files, vc-svn-dir-extra-headers)

(vc-svn-ignore): Mark unused arguments.
parent 759880bf
2013-09-12 Glenn Morris <>
* vc/vc-svn.el (vc-svn-dir-status-files, vc-svn-dir-extra-headers)
(vc-svn-ignore): Mark unused arguments.
* subr.el (do-after-load-evaluation): Also give compiler warnings
when obsolete files are used (except by obsolete files).
......@@ -234,12 +234,12 @@ RESULT is a list of conses (FILE . STATE) for directory DIR."
(vc-svn-after-dir-status callback remote))))
(defun vc-svn-dir-status-files (dir files _default-state callback)
(defun vc-svn-dir-status-files (_dir files _default-state callback)
(apply 'vc-svn-command (current-buffer) 'async nil "status" files)
(vc-svn-after-dir-status callback)))
(defun vc-svn-dir-extra-headers (dir)
(defun vc-svn-dir-extra-headers (_dir)
"Generate extra status headers for a Subversion working copy."
(let (process-file-side-effects)
(vc-svn-command "*vc*" 0 nil "info"))
......@@ -352,7 +352,7 @@ This is only possible if SVN is responsible for FILE's directory.")
(concat "-r" rev))
(vc-switches 'SVN 'checkout))))
(defun vc-svn-ignore (file &optional directory remove)
(defun vc-svn-ignore (file &optional _directory _remove)
"Ignore FILE under Subversion.
FILE is a file wildcard, relative to the root directory of DIRECTORY."
(vc-svn-command t 0 file "propedit" "svn:ignore"))
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