Commit beac4378 authored by Alexandre Julliard's avatar Alexandre Julliard
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(vc-status-add-entries): New function.

(vc-status-add-entry): Removed.
(vc-update-vc-status-buffer, vc-status-mark-buffer-changed): Use
parent d5337506
2008-04-09 Alexandre Julliard <>
* vc.el (vc-status-add-entries): New function.
(vc-status-add-entry): Removed.
(vc-update-vc-status-buffer, vc-status-mark-buffer-changed): Use
* emacs-lisp/ewoc.el (ewoc-collect): Return results in the correct
2008-04-09 Jason Rumney <>
* makefile.w32-in (LOADDEFS): Add mh-loaddefs.el.
......@@ -2975,6 +2975,43 @@ specific headers."
(put 'vc-status-mode 'mode-class 'special)
(defun vc-status-add-entries (entries buffer)
;; Add ENTRIES to the vc-status buffer BUFFER.
(with-current-buffer buffer
(when entries
;; Insert the entries sorted by name into the ewoc.
;; We assume the ewoc is sorted too, which should be the
;; case if we always add entries with vc-status-add-entries.
(setq entries (sort (copy-sequence entries)
(lambda (entry1 entry2)
(string-lessp (car entry1) (car entry2)))))
(let ((entry (pop entries))
(node (ewoc-nth vc-status 0)))
(while entry
(while (and vc-status-crt-marked
(string-lessp (car vc-status-crt-marked) (car entry)))
(setq vc-status-crt-marked (cdr vc-status-crt-marked)))
(let* ((file (car entry))
(state (nth 1 entry))
(extra (nth 2 entry))
(marked (and vc-status-crt-marked
(string-equal (car vc-status-crt-marked) file))))
(cond ((not node)
(setq node (ewoc-enter-last vc-status
(vc-status-create-fileinfo file state extra marked)))
(setq entry (pop entries)))
((string-lessp (vc-status-fileinfo->name (ewoc-data node)) file)
(setq node (ewoc-next vc-status node)))
((string-equal (vc-status-fileinfo->name (ewoc-data node)) file)
(setf (vc-status-fileinfo->state (ewoc-data node)) state)
(setf (vc-status-fileinfo->extra (ewoc-data node)) extra)
(ewoc-invalidate vc-status node)
(setq entry (pop entries)))
(setq node (ewoc-enter-before vc-status node
(vc-status-create-fileinfo file state extra marked)))
(setq entry (pop entries))))))))))
(defun vc-update-vc-status-buffer (entries buffer &optional more-to-come)
;; ENTRIES is a list of (FILE VC_STATE EXTRA) items.
;; BUFFER is the *vc-status* buffer to be updated with ENTRIES
......@@ -2982,21 +3019,7 @@ specific headers."
;; asynchronous process.
(with-current-buffer buffer
(when entries
;; Insert the entries we got into the ewoc.
(dolist (entry entries)
(let* ((file (car entry))
(state (nth 1 entry))
(extra (nth 2 entry)))
(ewoc-enter-last vc-status
(vc-status-create-fileinfo file state extra))))
;; If we had marked items before the refresh, try mark them here.
;; XXX: there should be a better way to do this...
(when vc-status-crt-marked
(lambda (arg)
(when (member (vc-status-fileinfo->name arg) vc-status-crt-marked)
(setf (vc-status-fileinfo->marked arg) t)))
(vc-status-add-entries entries buffer)
(ewoc-goto-node vc-status (ewoc-nth vc-status 0)))
;; No more updates are expected from the asynchronous process.
(unless more-to-come
......@@ -3004,31 +3027,6 @@ specific headers."
;; We are done, turn off the mode-line "in progress" message.
(setq mode-line-process nil))))
(defun vc-status-add-entry (entry buffer)
;; Add one ENTRY to the vc-status buffer BUFFER.
;; This will be used to automatically add files with the "modified"
;; state when saving them.
(with-current-buffer buffer
(let ((crt (ewoc-nth vc-status 0))
(fname (car entry)))
;; First try to see if there's already an entry with that name
;; in the ewoc.
(while (and crt (not (string= (vc-status-fileinfo->name
(ewoc-data crt)) fname)))
(setq crt (ewoc-next vc-status crt)))
(if crt
;; Found the file, just update the status.
(setf (vc-status-fileinfo->state (ewoc-data crt)) (nth 1 entry))
(setf (vc-status-fileinfo->extra (ewoc-data crt)) (nth 2 entry))
(ewoc-invalidate vc-status crt))
;; Could not find the file, insert a new entry.
(vc-status-create-fileinfo fname (nth 1 entry) (nth 2 entry)))))))
(defun vc-status-refresh ()
"Refresh the contents of the VC status buffer.
Throw an error if another update process is in progress."
......@@ -3275,7 +3273,7 @@ that share the same state."
(vc-call-backend backend 'status-fileinfo-extra file)))
(list file-short (if state state 'unregistered) extra)))
(vc-status-add-entry entry status-buf))))))
(vc-status-add-entries (list entry) status-buf))))))
;; We didn't find any vc-status buffers, remove the hook, it is
;; not needed.
(unless found-vc-status-buf (remove-hook 'after-save-hook 'vc-status-mark-buffer-changed)))))
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