Commit beaff27b authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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Undo previous change.

parent 29565a87
......@@ -708,15 +708,17 @@ struct selection_input_event
int kind;
Display *display;
Window requester;
/* We spell it with an "o" here because X does. */
Window requestor;
Atom selection, target, property;
Time time;
(((struct selection_input_event *) (eventp))->display)
(((struct selection_input_event *) (eventp))->requester)
/* We spell it with an "o" here because X does. */
(((struct selection_input_event *) (eventp))->requestor)
(((struct selection_input_event *) (eventp))->selection)
#define SELECTION_EVENT_TARGET(eventp) \
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