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2002-02-26 Kim F. Storm <>
The following changes add a new Vminibuf_selected_window variable
which is similar to Vminibuf_scroll_window, but which is only set
on entry to the minibuffer (from a non-minibuffer window):
* window.c: (Vminibuf_selected_window): New variable.
(struct save_window_data): New member minibuf_selected_window.
(Fset_window_configuration): Restore Vminibuf_selected_window.
(Fcurrent_window_configuration): Save Vminibuf_selected_window.
Set minibuf_scroll_window member to nil if minibuf_level is 0.
(compare_window_configurations): Compare minibuf_selected_window.
* window.h: (Vminibuf_selected_window): Declare extern.
* minibuf.c (read_minibuf): Set Vminibuf_selected_window on first
entry to minibuffer or on entry from a non-minibuffer window.
* dispextern.h (CURRENT_MODE_LINE_FACE_ID_3): Compare with
Vminibuf_selected_window instead of Vminibuf_scroll_window.
* xdisp.c (init_iterator): Compare with Vminibuf_selected_window
instead of Vminibuf_scroll_window when deciding in which window
the region should be highlighted. Consequently, the region remains
highlighteded even when a completion buffer is also displayed.
2002-02-26 Eli Zaretskii <>
* fileio.c (Fsubstitute_in_file_name): Fix the change from
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