Commit beba4bd9 authored by André Spiegel's avatar André Spiegel
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(vc-dired-window-configuration, vc-ediff-windows,

vc-ediff-result, vc-dired-switches, vc-dired-terse-mode):
Added defvars to suppress compilation warnings.
parent b9431ae0
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
;; Author: Eric S. Raymond <>
;; Maintainer: Andre Spiegel <>
;; $Id: vc.el,v 1.238 1998/10/30 19:11:08 fx Exp spiegel $
;; $Id: vc.el,v 1.239 1998/11/04 15:09:38 spiegel Exp spiegel $
;; This file is part of GNU Emacs.
......@@ -928,6 +928,8 @@ before the filename."
(vc-checkin file version comment)
(defvar vc-dired-window-configuration)
(defun vc-next-action-dired (file rev comment)
;; Do a vc-next-action-on-file on all the marked files, possibly
;; passing on the log comment we've just entered.
......@@ -1559,6 +1561,9 @@ the variable `vc-header-alist'."
(message "File contains conflict markers"))
(message "Merge successful"))))))
(defvar vc-ediff-windows)
(defvar vc-ediff-result)
(defun vc-resolve-conflicts (&optional name-A name-B)
"Invoke ediff to resolve conflicts in the current buffer.
......@@ -1646,6 +1651,9 @@ The conflicts must be marked with rcsmerge conflict markers."
;; The VC directory major mode. Coopt Dired for this.
;; All VC commands get mapped into logical equivalents.
(defvar vc-dired-switches)
(defvar vc-dired-terse-mode)
(define-derived-mode vc-dired-mode dired-mode "Dired under VC"
"The major mode used in VC directory buffers. It works like Dired,
but lists only files under version control, with the current VC state of
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