Commit bee3419f authored by Dan Nicolaescu's avatar Dan Nicolaescu
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Remove emacs-priority.

* src/sysdep.c (sys_subshell): Remove SET_EMACS_PRIORITY.
* src/emacs.c (emacs_priority, syms_of_emacs): Remove emacs_priority.
parent b7982059
2010-11-21 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* sysdep.c (sys_subshell): Remove SET_EMACS_PRIORITY.
* emacs.c (emacs_priority, syms_of_emacs): Remove emacs_priority.
* intervals.h (temp_set_point, temp_set_point_both):
* buffer.h (offset_intervals, copy_intervals): Remove INLINE.
......@@ -195,11 +195,6 @@ Lisp_Object Vdynamic_library_alist;
but instead should use the virtual terminal under which it was started. */
int inhibit_window_system;
/* If nonzero, set Emacs to run at this priority. This is also used
in child_setup and sys_suspend to make sure subshells run at normal
priority; those functions have their own extern declaration. */
EMACS_INT emacs_priority;
/* If non-zero, a filter or a sentinel is running. Tested to save the match
data on the first attempt to change it inside asynchronous code. */
int running_asynch_code;
......@@ -2439,15 +2434,6 @@ Before Emacs 24.1, the hook was not run in batch mode, i.e., if
`noninteractive' was non-nil. */);
Vkill_emacs_hook = Qnil;
DEFVAR_INT ("emacs-priority", &emacs_priority,
doc: /* Priority for Emacs to run at.
This value is effective only if set before Emacs is dumped,
and only if the Emacs executable is installed with setuid to permit
it to change priority. (Emacs sets its uid back to the real uid.)
Currently, you need to define SET_EMACS_PRIORITY in `config.h'
before you compile Emacs, to enable the code for this feature. */);
emacs_priority = 0;
DEFVAR_LISP ("path-separator", &Vpath_separator,
doc: /* String containing the character that separates directories in
search paths, such as PATH and other similar environment variables. */);
......@@ -554,15 +554,6 @@ sys_subshell (void)
close_process_descs (); /* Close Emacs's pipes/ptys */
extern EMACS_INT emacs_priority;
if (emacs_priority < 0)
nice (-emacs_priority);
#ifdef MSDOS /* Demacs 1.1.2 91/10/20 Manabu Higashida */
char *epwd = getenv ("PWD");
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