Commit bf0f0659 authored by YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu's avatar YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu
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(struct input_event): Fix comment for DRAG_N_DROP_EVENT.

parent cfe3a871
......@@ -293,14 +293,14 @@ enum event_kind
DRAG_N_DROP_EVENT, /* A drag-n-drop event is generated when
files selected outside of Emacs are dropped
onto an Emacs window.
Currently used only on Windows NT.
.modifiers holds the state of the
modifier keys.
.x and .y give the mouse position,
in characters, within the window.
.frame_or_window is a cons of the frame
in which the drop was made and a list of
the filenames of the dropped files.
.frame_or_window is the frame in
which the drop was made.
.arg is a platform-dependent
representation of the dropped items.
.timestamp gives a timestamp (in
milliseconds) for the click. */
USER_SIGNAL_EVENT, /* A user signal.
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