Commit bf276a50 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris


parent aea566be
......@@ -26,8 +26,7 @@
;;; Commentary:
;; This collection of functions implements the diary features as described
;; in calendar.el.
;; See calendar.el.
;;; Code:
......@@ -944,6 +943,7 @@ To use this function, add it to `diary-display-hook'."
(faceinfo marks)
(when marks
;; FIXME duplicate code with calendar.el.
(setq temp-face (make-symbol
'concat "temp-face-"
......@@ -956,6 +956,7 @@ To use this function, add it to `diary-display-hook'."
;; Remove :face info from the marks,
;; copy the face info into temp-face
(while (setq faceinfo (memq :face faceinfo))
;; FIXME not read.
(copy-face (read (nth 1 faceinfo)) temp-face)
(setcar faceinfo nil)
(setcar (cdr faceinfo) nil))
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