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(Date Formats): Document changed behaviour of abbreviations.

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......@@ -1116,8 +1116,11 @@ is, you can use @samp{11/12/1989} or @samp{11/12/89}.
Dates can also have the form @samp{@var{monthname} @var{day}} or
@samp{@var{monthname} @var{day}, @var{year}}, where the month's name can
be spelled in full or abbreviated to three characters (with or without a
period). Case is not significant.
be spelled in full or abbreviated (with or without a period). The
preferred abbreviations can be controlled using the variables
@code{calendar-abbrev-length}, @code{calendar-month-abbrev-array}, and
@code{calendar-day-abbrev-array}. The default is to use the first three
letters of a name as its abbreviation. Case is not significant.
A date may be @dfn{generic}; that is, partially unspecified. Then the
entry applies to all dates that match the specification. If the date
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