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lisp/term/README dealt with.

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......@@ -72,10 +72,11 @@ Copyright changes should be propagated to any associated repositories
All README (and other such text files) that are non-trivial should
contain copyright statements and GPL license notices, exactly as .el
files do (see e.g. README in the top-level directory). (Before 2007,
files do (see e.g. README in the top-level directory). Before 2007,
we used a simple, short statement permitting copying and modification
provided legal notices were retained. In Feb 2007 we switched to the
standard GPL text, on legal advice.)
standard GPL text, on legal advice. Some older text files in etc/
should, however, keep their current licenses (see below for list).
For image files, the copyright and license details should be recorded
in a README file in each directory with images. (Legal advice says
......@@ -221,6 +222,18 @@ src/acldef.h, chpdef.h, ndir.h
** Some notes on resolved issues, for historical information only
- had no copyright notice till Feb 2007. ChangeLog.3 suggests it was
written by Eric Raymond. When asked by rms on 14 Feb 2007 he said:
I don't remember writing it, but it reads like my prose and I believe
I wrote the feature(s) it's describing. So I would have been the
likeliest person to write it.
Odds are that I did, but I'm not certain.
Accordingly, FSF copyright was added.
*** These are copyright issues that need not be fixed until after
Emacs 22 is released (though if they can be fixed before, that is
......@@ -282,18 +295,6 @@ Maybe some relevant comments here?
All non-trivial README (and other such files) need copyright and
license statements. Use GPL in most cases, rather than the short
notices we have been using till now. NB but see above for some
exceptions in etc/ that should stay unchanged.
rms: "If a README file is under 60 lines long, using the long version
[of the GPL notice] might be ugly. Please tell me if you encounter one
that is under 60 lines."
lisp/term/README (ChangeLog.3 suggests was written by Eric Raymond)
borderline "trivial" cases
just to be safe, papers are on the way for the "Gnus logo", even
though it is very similar to the already-assigned "Emacs logo".
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