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Remove finished items.

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......@@ -12,9 +12,6 @@ has to be set to nil: when t, it can leak memory and cause other problems.
** Check for widow and orphan lines in manuals;
make sure all the pages really look ok in the manual as formatted.
** Update facemenu-unlisted-faces, adding whatever other
face name prefixes should be in it for good results.
** Update AUTHORS.
** Regenerate the postscript files of the reference cards in etc.
......@@ -39,15 +36,6 @@ and KDE projects, to use the new Emacs icons in etc/images/icons.
** text_property_stickiness can be called with a POS value that is before BEGV.
text_property_stickiness is called from get_pos_property,
which is called from find_field, which is called from
various user-level functions in editfns.c.
** JD Smith's 17 Apr 2006 bug report that CVS operations
get mysterious unreproducible failures.
** Is there a basic problem with cl-byte-compile-compiler-macro?
** Markus Gritsch's report about Emacs looping on Windoze with the following
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