Commit bf7f4e90 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(main): Call memory_warnings and uninterrupt_malloc

even when starting the dumped Emacs.
parent 5c9c2c3f
......@@ -707,15 +707,14 @@ main (argc, argv, envp)
clearerr (stdin);
if (! initialized)
/* Arrange to get warning messages as memory fills up. */
memory_warnings (0, malloc_warning);
/* Arrange to disable interrupt input while malloc and friends are
running. */
/* Call malloc at least once, to run the initial __malloc_hook. */
malloc (4);
/* Arrange to disable interrupt input inside malloc etc. */
uninterrupt_malloc ();
#endif /* not SYSTEM_MALLOC */
#ifdef MSDOS
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