Commit bf9f6f03 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(calendar-absolute-from-iso, calendar-iso-from-absolute): Fix declarations.

parent 5d595461
......@@ -2176,11 +2176,11 @@ Normal means, no org-mode-specific context."
(defvar mark-active)
;; Various packages
(declare-function calendar-absolute-from-iso "cal-iso" (&optional date))
(declare-function calendar-absolute-from-iso "cal-iso" (date))
(declare-function calendar-forward-day "cal-move" (arg))
(declare-function calendar-goto-date "cal-move" (date))
(declare-function calendar-goto-today "cal-move" ())
(declare-function calendar-iso-from-absolute "cal-iso" (&optional date))
(declare-function calendar-iso-from-absolute "cal-iso" (date))
(defvar calc-embedded-close-formula)
(defvar calc-embedded-open-formula)
(declare-function cdlatex-tab "ext:cdlatex" ())
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