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* doc/misc/wisent.texi (Wisent Overview): Remove incorrect, unnecessary uref.

We can use an htaccess redirect to make the previous xref work.
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2013-07-04 Glenn Morris <>
* wisent.texi (Wisent Overview): Remove incorrect, unnecessary uref.
2013-07-03 Glenn Morris <>
* eudc.texi (CCSO PH/QI): Remove defunct URL.
......@@ -113,9 +113,6 @@ of GNU Bison 1.28 & 1.31.
For more details on the basic concepts for understanding Wisent, it is
worthwhile to read the @ref{Top, Bison Manual, , bison}.
@end ifhtml
Wisent can generate compilers compatible with the @semantic{} tool set.
See the @ref{Top, Semantic Manual, , semantic}.
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