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Added notes about PNG support.

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is running, when gcc support is being tested. These cannot be
surpressed because of limitations in the Windows 9x shell.
* Optional image library support
To build Emacs with support for PNG image, the libpng and zlib headers
must be in the include path when the configure script is run. This can
be setup using environment variables, or by specifying --cflags -I...
options on the command-line to configure. The configure script will
report whether it was able to detect the headers.
To use the PNG support, zlib.dll (or zlibd.dll) and libpng.dll (or
libpng13.dll, or libpng13d.dll) must be on the PATH or in the same
directory as emacs.exe when Emacs is started.
* Building
After running configure, simply run the appropriate `make' program for
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