Commit c01ee596 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(imenu--generic-function): Sort each submenu by position.

(imenu--sort-by-position): New function.
parent 2a1c4b90
......@@ -128,7 +128,7 @@ in the buffer.
Set it to `imenu--sort-by-name' if you want alphabetic sorting.
The function should take two arguments and return T if the first
The function should take two arguments and return t if the first
element should come before the second. The arguments are cons cells;
\(NAME . POSITION). Look at `imenu--sort-by-name' for an example."
:type '(choice (const :tag "No sorting" nil)
......@@ -443,11 +443,14 @@ This variable is local in all buffers, once set.")
;;; Sort function
;;; Sorts the items depending on their index name.
;;; An item look like (NAME . POSITION).
;;; An item looks like (NAME . POSITION).
(defun imenu--sort-by-name (item1 item2)
(string-lessp (car item1) (car item2)))
(defun imenu--sort-by-position (item1 item2)
(< (cdr item1) (cdr item2)))
(defun imenu--relative-position (&optional reverse)
;; Support function to calculate relative position in buffer
;; Beginning of buffer is 0 and end of buffer is 100
......@@ -814,15 +817,24 @@ PATTERNS."
(cons (match-string-no-properties index)
(menu (cdr (assoc menu-title index-alist))))
;; avoid duplicates from, e.g. cc-mode patterns
(unless (member item menu)
;; insert the item after the (sub-)menu title
(setcdr (assoc menu-title index-alist)
(cons item menu))))))))
;; This is the desired submenu,
;; starting with its title (or nil).
(menu (assoc menu-title index-alist)))
;; Insert the item unless it is already present.
(unless (member item (cdr menu))
(setcdr menu
(cons item (cdr menu)))))))))
(set-syntax-table old-table)))
(imenu-progress-message prev-pos 100 t)
;; Sort each submenu by position.
;; This is in case one submenu gets items from two different regexps.
(let ((tail index-alist))
(while tail
(if (listp (car tail))
(setcdr (car tail)
(sort (cdr (car tail)) 'imenu--sort-by-position)))
(setq tail (cdr tail))))
(let ((main-element (assq nil index-alist)))
(nconc (delq main-element (delq 'dummy index-alist))
(cdr main-element)))))
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