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Comment about unibyte.

parent 5b8ed07b
......@@ -967,6 +967,12 @@ the Bugs section of the Emacs manual or the file BUGS.\n", argv[0]);
buffers and strings. We need to handle this before calling
init_lread, init_editfns and other places that generate Lisp strings
from text in the environment. */
/* Actually this shouldn't be needed as of 20.4 in a generally
unibyte environment. As handa says, environment values
aren't now decoded; also existing buffers are now made
unibyte during startup if .emacs sets unibyte. Tested with
8-bit data in environment variables and /etc/passwd, setting
unibyte and Latin-1 in .emacs. -- Dave Love */
if (argmatch (argv, argc, "-unibyte", "--unibyte", 4, NULL, &skip_args)
|| argmatch (argv, argc, "-no-multibyte", "--no-multibyte", 4, NULL, &skip_args)
|| (getenv ("EMACS_UNIBYTE") && !inhibit_unibyte))
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