Commit c025fb0a authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(temp_echo_area_glyphs): Remove unused function.

parent ed7dabb3
2008-04-09 Stefan Monnier <>
* minibuf.c (temp_echo_area_glyphs): Remove unused function.
2008-04-09 Juanma Barranquero <>
* editfns.c (Ffield_string_no_properties): Fix typo in docstring.
......@@ -2023,48 +2023,6 @@ If no minibuffer is active, return nil. */)
return Fcopy_sequence (minibuf_prompt);
/* Temporarily display STRING at the end of the current
minibuffer contents. This is used to display things like
"[No Match]" when the user requests a completion for a prefix
that has no possible completions, and other quick, unobtrusive
messages. */
extern Lisp_Object Vminibuffer_message_timeout;
temp_echo_area_glyphs (string)
Lisp_Object string;
int osize = ZV;
int osize_byte = ZV_BYTE;
int opoint = PT;
int opoint_byte = PT_BYTE;
Lisp_Object oinhibit;
oinhibit = Vinhibit_quit;
/* Clear out any old echo-area message to make way for our new thing. */
message (0);
SET_PT_BOTH (osize, osize_byte);
insert_from_string (string, 0, 0, SCHARS (string), SBYTES (string), 0);
SET_PT_BOTH (opoint, opoint_byte);
Vinhibit_quit = Qt;
if (NUMBERP (Vminibuffer_message_timeout))
sit_for (Vminibuffer_message_timeout, 0, 2);
sit_for (Qt, 0, 2);
del_range_both (osize, osize_byte, ZV, ZV_BYTE, 1);
SET_PT_BOTH (opoint, opoint_byte);
if (!NILP (Vquit_flag))
Vquit_flag = Qnil;
Vunread_command_events = Fcons (make_number (quit_char), Qnil);
Vinhibit_quit = oinhibit;
init_minibuf_once ()
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