Commit c033ddef authored by Vinicius Jose Latorre's avatar Vinicius Jose Latorre
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parent b6d0ac87
......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@
Use (featurep 'xemacs) instead of (eq ps-print-emacs-type 'xemacs).
Eliminate eval-and-compile usage.
(ps-insert-file): Use insert-file-contents instead of insert-file.
(ps-setup): Code fix.
2004-11-21 Jay Belanger <>
......@@ -3592,6 +3592,7 @@ The table depends on the current ps-print setup."
(concat "\n;;; ps-print version " ps-print-version "\n")
";; internal vars"
(ps-comment-string "emacs-version " emacs-version)
(ps-comment-string "ps-print-emacs-type" ps-print-emacs-type)
(ps-comment-string "ps-windows-system " ps-windows-system)
(ps-comment-string "ps-lp-system " ps-lp-system)
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