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......@@ -216,10 +216,6 @@ Several are for Debian GNU/Linux in particular.
writing UTF-8 encoded Unicode. This does more than the built-in
utf-8 coding system.
An alternative system for using UTF-8 is at
<URL:>. This includes an
external program for (partial) inter-conversion of UTF-8.
* Mailcrypt:
PGP and GPG support. PGP isn't free software, but GPG, the GNU
......@@ -149,7 +149,9 @@
* Add horizontal scroll bars.
* Integrate Vroonhof's Custom themes code and make it do useful
things. [The integration is partly done.]
* Provide an optional feature which computes a scroll bar slider's
size and its position from lines instead of characters.
* Adapt the gnuserv/gnudoit features for server/emacsclient.
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