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NEWS: Describe nXML mode and json.el.

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......@@ -282,8 +282,17 @@ document to a set of PNG images first. One can also search for a
regular expression in the document. The commentary of the file explains
its usage.
** The nXML package has been added.
[FIXME someone who uses this, please write a brief description.]
** The nXML package has been added. It is a new mode for editing XML
documents. nXML mode allows a schema to be associated with the XML
document being edited. nXML mode uses Relax NG as its schema
language. The schema is used to provide two key features:
*** Continuous validation. nXML validates as you type, highlighting
any invalid parts of your document.
*** Completion. nXML can assist you in entering an element name,
attribute name or data value by using information about what is
allowed by the schema in that context.
** A new game called `bubbles' has been added.
......@@ -304,6 +313,10 @@ GnuPG interface which includes GnuPG keyring browser, cryptographic
operations on regions and files, and automatic encryption of *.gpg
files. See the EasyPG Assistant User's Manual for further details.
** json.el is now included with Emacs. It is a library for parsing
and generating JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). JSON is a
lightweight data-interchange format.
** Auto Composition Mode is a minor mode that composes characters
automatically when they are displayed. It is globally on by default.
It uses `auto-composition-function' (default `auto-compose-chars').
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