Commit c08758e2 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(make_frame): Don't allocate f->fontset_data.

(Fdelete_frame): Don't free f->fontset_data.
parent 1afa4408
......@@ -417,10 +417,6 @@ make_frame (mini_p)
a newly-created, never-selected window. */
XSETFASTINT (XWINDOW (f->selected_window)->use_time, ++window_select_count);
f->fontset_data = alloc_fontset_data ();
return f;
......@@ -1264,11 +1260,6 @@ but if the second optional argument FORCE is non-nil, you may do so.")
xfree (FRAME_MESSAGE_BUF (f));
/* Free all fontset data. */
free_fontset_data (FRAME_FONTSET_DATA (f));
/* Since some events are handled at the interrupt level, we may get
an event for f at any time; if we zero out the frame's display
now, then we may trip up the event-handling code. Instead, we'll
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