Commit c08c95c7 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(Fdelete_frame): Allow deletion if there is some other

visible (perhaps iconified) frame.  Also allow deleting terminal frame
if there are X frames.
parent 54939090
......@@ -574,7 +574,7 @@ DEFUN ("next-frame", Fnext_frame, Snext_frame, 0, 2, 0,
"Return the next frame in the frame list after FRAME.\n\
By default, skip minibuffer-only frames.\n\
If omitted, FRAME defaults to the selected frame.\n\
If optional argument MINIFRAME is non-nil, include minibuffer-only frames.\n\
If optional argument MINIFRAME is nil, exclude minibuffer-only frames.\n\
If MINIFRAME is a window, include only frames using that window for their\n\
If MINIFRAME is non-nil and not a window, include all frames.")
......@@ -615,9 +615,29 @@ A frame may not be deleted if its minibuffer is used by other frames.")
if (! FRAME_LIVE_P (f))
return Qnil;
/* Are there any other frames besides this one? */
if (f == selected_frame && EQ (next_frame (frame, Qt), frame))
error ("Attempt to delete the only frame");
/* If all other frames are invisible, refuse to delete.
(Exception: allow deleting the terminal frame when using X.) */
if (f == selected_frame)
Lisp_Object frames;
int count = 0;
for (frames = Vframe_list;
CONSP (frames);
frames = XCONS (frames)->cdr)
Lisp_Object this = XCONS (frames)->car;
/* Allow deleting the terminal frame when at least
one X frame exists! */
|| FRAME_X_P (XFRAME (this)) && !FRAME_X_P (f))
if (count == 1)
error ("Attempt to delete the only frame");
/* Does this frame have a minibuffer, and is it the surrogate
minibuffer for any other frame? */
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