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Remove an opinionated section on "What Eshell is not"

I don't find this information to accurately reflect possible use cases
for Eshell; plus, it doesn't offer much in the way of information,
just opinion.
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......@@ -142,24 +142,6 @@ Any tool you use often deserves the time spent learning to master it.
looks like: But don't let it fool you; once you know what's going on,
it's easier than it looks: @code{ls -lt **/*.doc(Lk+50aM+5)}.}
@section What Eshell is not
@cindex Eshell, what it is not
@cindex what Eshell is not
@cindex what isn't Eshell?
Eshell is @emph{not} a replacement for system shells such as
@command{bash} or @command{zsh}. Use Eshell when you want to move
text between Emacs and external processes; if you only want to pipe
output from one external process to another (and then another, and so
on), use a system shell, because Emacs's IO system is buffer oriented,
not stream oriented, and is very inefficient at such tasks. If you
want to write shell scripts in Eshell, don't; either write an elisp
library or use a system shell.
Some things Eshell just doesn't do well. It fills the niche between
IELM and your system shell, where the peculiar use-cases lie, and it
is less than ideal outside that niche.
* Contributors to Eshell:: People who have helped out!
@end menu
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