Commit c0936672 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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Remove buggy regexp use in comint-output-filter

This reverts commit 2012-07-02T16:18:02!
which perhaps could be rethought and recommitted, and perhaps
it’s no longer needed now that comint-use-prompt-regexp
is almost always nil.
* lisp/comint.el (comint-output-filter): Don’t try to skip
repeated prompts, since comint-prompt-regexp typically begins
with "^" and the resulting "^^" in the regular expression does
not have the desired effect.  Noted by Mattias Engdegård in:
parent bc2a93d5
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......@@ -2072,20 +2072,6 @@ Make backspaces delete the previous character."
(goto-char (process-mark process))
(set-marker comint-last-output-start (point))
;; Try to skip repeated prompts, which can occur as a result of
;; commands sent without inserting them in the buffer.
(let ((bol (save-excursion (forward-line 0) (point)))) ;No fields.
(when (and (not (bolp))
(looking-back comint-prompt-regexp bol))
(let* ((prompt (buffer-substring bol (point)))
(prompt-re (concat "\\`" (regexp-quote prompt))))
(while (string-match prompt-re string)
(setq string (substring string (match-end 0)))))))
(while (string-match (concat "\\(^" comint-prompt-regexp
(setq string (replace-match "\\1" nil nil string)))
;; insert-before-markers is a bad thing. XXX
;; Luckily we don't have to use it any more, we use
;; window-point-insertion-type instead.
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