Commit c0a5a948 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(rmail-find-all-files): Bind case-fold-search.

(rmail-summary-by-sender): Autoload this.
(rmail-mode-map): Add rmail-summary-by-senders.
parent 7f1d5de2
......@@ -449,6 +449,9 @@ Note: it means the file has no messages in it.\n\^_")))
(define-key rmail-mode-map [menu-bar summary]
(cons "Summary" (make-sparse-keymap "Summary")))
(define-key rmail-mode-map [menu-bar summary senders]
'("By Senders..." . rmail-summary-by-senders))
(define-key rmail-mode-map [menu-bar summary labels]
'("By Labels..." . rmail-summary-by-labels))
......@@ -762,8 +765,9 @@ original copy."
;; Sort here instead of in directory-files
;; because this list is usually much shorter.
(sort ret 'string<))
(if (string-match rmail-secondary-file-regexp start)
(list (file-name-nondirectory start)))))
(let ((case-fold-search nil))
(if (string-match rmail-secondary-file-regexp start)
(list (file-name-nondirectory start))))))
(defun rmail-list-to-menu (menu-name l action &optional full-name)
(let ((menu (make-sparse-keymap menu-name)))
......@@ -2564,6 +2568,11 @@ but if WHOLE-MESSAGE is non-nil (prefix arg given),
look in the whole message.
SUBJECT is a string of regexps separated by commas."
(autoload 'rmail-summary-by-sender "rmailsum"
"Display a summary of all messages with the given SENDERS.
SENDERS is a string of names separated by commas."
;;;; *** Rmail output messages to files ***
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