Commit c0a7db84 authored by Boris Goldowsky's avatar Boris Goldowsky
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(list-text-properties-at): New fn.

(facemenu-menu): Add it to menu.
parent 243a81f5
......@@ -187,7 +187,8 @@ when they are created.")
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap "Face")))
(define-key map [dc] (cons "Display Colors" 'list-colors-display))
(define-key map [df] (cons "Display Faces" 'list-faces-display))
(define-key map [rm] (cons "Remove Props" 'facemenu-remove-all))
(define-key map [dp] (cons "List Properties" 'list-text-properties-at))
(define-key map [rm] (cons "Remove Properties" 'facemenu-remove-all))
(define-key map [s1] (list "-----------------"))
(define-key map [in] (cons "Indentation" 'facemenu-indentation-menu))
(define-key map [ju] (cons "Justification" 'facemenu-justification-menu))
......@@ -336,6 +337,20 @@ This sets the `read-only' text property; it can be undone with
start end '(face nil invisible nil intangible nil
read-only nil category nil))))
(defun list-text-properties-at (p)
"Pop up a buffer listing text-properties at LOCATION."
(interactive "d")
(let ((props (text-properties-at p)))
(if (null props)
(message "None")
(with-output-to-temp-buffer "*Text Properties*"
(princ (format "Text properties at %d:\n\n" p))
(while props
(princ (format "%-20s %S\n"
(car props) (car (cdr props))))
(setq props (cdr (cdr props))))))))
(defun facemenu-read-color (prompt)
"Read a color using the minibuffer."
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