Commit c0a7f300 authored by Bob Nnamtrop's avatar Bob Nnamtrop Committed by Chong Yidong
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Limit triggering of abbrev expansion in viper-mode (Bug#9038)

* lisp/emulation/viper-cmd.el (viper-change-state-to-vi): Limit
triggering of abbrev expansion.
parent 0b608d02
2011-07-09 Bob Nnamtrop <> (tiny change)
* emulation/viper-cmd.el (viper-change-state-to-vi): Limit
triggering of abbrev expansion (Bug#9038).
2011-07-09 Martin Rudalics <>
* window.el (display-buffer-default-specifiers): Remove.
......@@ -617,7 +617,10 @@
(or (viper-overlay-p viper-replace-overlay)
(viper-set-replace-overlay (point-min) (point-min)))
(if abbrev-mode (expand-abbrev))
;; Expand abbrevs iff the previous character has word syntax.
(and abbrev-mode
(eq (char-syntax (preceding-char)) ?w)
(if (and auto-fill-function (> (current-column) fill-column))
(funcall auto-fill-function))
;; don't leave whitespace lines around
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