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Mark server-kill-new-buffers as documented in the manual.

Fix typos.
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......@@ -270,14 +270,15 @@ the kill ring, e.g. to produce a table of contents.
** Changes to Emacs Server
*** There new option `server-kill-new-buffers' specifies what to do
*** The new option `server-kill-new-buffers' specifies what to do
with buffers when done with them. If non-nil, the default, buffers
are killed, unless they were already present before visiting them with
Emacs Server. If nil, `server-temp-file-regexp' specifies which
buffers to kill, as before.
Please note that only buffers are killed that still have a client,
i.e. buffers visited which `emacsclient --no-wait' are never killed in
i.e. buffers visited with `emacsclient --no-wait' are never killed in
this way.
** Changes to Show Paren mode.
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