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......@@ -1294,12 +1294,19 @@ conventions.
*** Indentation uses 'js-indent-level' instead of 'sgml-basic-offset'.
It was never really intuitive that JSX indentation would be controlled
by an SGML variable. JSX is a syntax extension of JavaScript, so it
should be indented just like any other expression in JavaScript. This
is technically a breaking change, but it will probably align with how
you would normally expect for this indentation to be controlled, and
you probably won't need to change your config.
Since JSX is a syntax extension of JavaScript, it makes the most sense
for JSX expressions to be indented the same number of spaces as other
JS expressions. This is a breaking change, but it probably aligns
with how you'd expect this indentation to behave. If you want JSX to
be indented like JS, you won't need to change your config.
The old behavior can be emulated by controlling JSX indentation
independently of JS, by setting 'js-jsx-indent-level'.
*** New defcustom 'js-jsx-indent-level' for different JSX indentation.
If you wish to indent JSX by a different number of spaces than JS, set
this variable to the desired number.
*** New defcustom 'js-jsx-attribute-offset' for JSX attribute indents.
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