Commit c0c64ad1 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(resize_mini_window): Temporarily set the selected

window's or Vminibuf_scroll_window's height to "fixed" around
the call the change_window_height.
parent a71eca92
......@@ -5507,12 +5507,24 @@ resize_mini_window (w, exact_p)
|| BEGV == ZV)
Lisp_Object old_selected_window;
Lisp_Object fix_window;
int old_height = XFASTINT (w->height);
freeze_window_starts (f, height > XFASTINT (w->height));
/* If the mini-buffer is selected, try to not change
the height of Vminibuf_scroll_window. Otherwise try
to not change the height of the selected window. */
if (MINI_WINDOW_P (XWINDOW (selected_window)))
fix_window = Vminibuf_scroll_window;
fix_window = selected_window;
old_selected_window = selected_window;
XSETWINDOW (selected_window, w);
XWINDOW (fix_window)->height_fixed_p = 1;
change_window_height (height - XFASTINT (w->height), 0);
XWINDOW (fix_window)->height_fixed_p = 0;
selected_window = old_selected_window;
window_height_changed_p = XFASTINT (w->height) != old_height;
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