Commit c0ff3fab authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy

* xterm.c (x_scrollbar_create): Set the scrollbars to use


	* frame.c (Fdelete_frame): Clear the frame's display after calling
	the window-system-dependent frame destruction routine.  We
	no longer need to pass the display as a separate argument to
	* xterm.c (x_destroy_window): Put the code which clears out f's
	display here, right after we free the storage it points to.  Put
	everything, including the code which clears x_focus_frame and
	x_highlight_frame, inside the BLOCK/UNBLOCK_INPUT pair.
parent 8678b9cc
......@@ -1758,8 +1758,9 @@ x_scrollbar_create (window, top, left, width, height)
| ButtonMotionMask | PointerMotionHintMask
| ExposureMask);
a.cursor = x_vertical_scrollbar_cursor;
a.win_gravity = EastGravity;
mask = (CWBackPixel | CWEventMask | CWCursor);
mask = (CWBackPixel | CWEventMask | CWCursor | CWWinGravity);
......@@ -4061,28 +4062,26 @@ x_iconify_frame (f)
/* Destroy the X window of frame F.
DISPL is the former f->display (since f->display
has already been nulled out). */
/* Destroy the X window of frame F. */
x_destroy_window (f, displ)
x_destroy_window (f)
struct frame *f;
union display displ;
int mask;
if (displ.x->icon_desc != 0)
XDestroyWindow (XDISPLAY displ.x->icon_desc);
XDestroyWindow (XDISPLAY displ.x->window_desc);
if (f->display.x->icon_desc != 0)
XDestroyWindow (XDISPLAY f->display.x->icon_desc);
XDestroyWindow (XDISPLAY f->display.x->window_desc);
XFlushQueue ();
free (displ.x);
free (f->display.x);
f->display.x = 0;
if (f == x_focus_frame)
x_focus_frame = 0;
if (f == x_highlight_frame)
x_highlight_frame = 0;
/* Manage event queues for X10. */
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