Commit c10ce82e authored by Juanma Barranquero's avatar Juanma Barranquero
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(Fset_window_margins, Fset_window_fringes):

Improve argument/docstring consistency.
parent a41292c2
......@@ -6246,33 +6246,33 @@ Second arg LEFT-WIDTH specifies the number of character cells to
reserve for the left marginal area. Optional third arg RIGHT-WIDTH
does the same for the right marginal area. A nil width parameter
means no margin. */)
(window, left, right)
Lisp_Object window, left, right;
(window, left_width, right_width)
Lisp_Object window, left_width, right_width;
struct window *w = decode_window (window);
/* Translate negative or zero widths to nil.
Margins that are too wide have to be checked elsewhere. */
if (!NILP (left))
if (!NILP (left_width))
if (XINT (left) <= 0)
left = Qnil;
CHECK_NUMBER (left_width);
if (XINT (left_width) <= 0)
left_width = Qnil;
if (!NILP (right))
if (!NILP (right_width))
if (XINT (right) <= 0)
right = Qnil;
CHECK_NUMBER (right_width);
if (XINT (right_width) <= 0)
right_width = Qnil;
if (!EQ (w->left_margin_cols, left)
|| !EQ (w->right_margin_cols, right))
if (!EQ (w->left_margin_cols, left_width)
|| !EQ (w->right_margin_cols, right_width))
w->left_margin_cols = left;
w->right_margin_cols = right;
w->left_margin_cols = left_width;
w->right_margin_cols = right_width;
adjust_window_margins (w);
......@@ -6317,22 +6317,22 @@ the command `set-fringe-style'.
If optional fourth arg OUTSIDE-MARGINS is non-nil, draw the fringes
outside of the display margins. By default, fringes are drawn between
display marginal areas and the text area. */)
(window, left, right, outside_margins)
Lisp_Object window, left, right, outside_margins;
(window, left_width, right_width, outside_margins)
Lisp_Object window, left_width, right_width, outside_margins;
struct window *w = decode_window (window);
if (!NILP (left))
if (!NILP (right))
if (!NILP (left_width))
CHECK_NATNUM (left_width);
if (!NILP (right_width))
CHECK_NATNUM (right_width);
if (!EQ (w->left_fringe_width, left)
|| !EQ (w->right_fringe_width, right)
if (!EQ (w->left_fringe_width, left_width)
|| !EQ (w->right_fringe_width, right_width)
|| !EQ (w->fringes_outside_margins, outside_margins))
w->left_fringe_width = left;
w->right_fringe_width = right;
w->left_fringe_width = left_width;
w->right_fringe_width = right_width;
w->fringes_outside_margins = outside_margins;
adjust_window_margins (w);
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