Commit c1117b8f authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(view-search-no-match-lines): Add a doc string. Rewrite to simplify

and work better.
parent 068d78e4
......@@ -990,27 +990,30 @@ for highlighting the match that is found."
times (if no "no " "") regexp)
(sit-for 4))))
;; This is the dumb approach, looking at each line. The original
;; version of this function looked like it might have been trying to
;; do something clever, but not succeeding:
(defun view-search-no-match-lines (times regexp)
;; Search for the TIMESt occurrence of line with no match for REGEXP.
(let ((back (and (< times 0) (setq times (- times)) -1))
(while (> times 0)
(save-excursion (beginning-of-line (if back (- times) (1+ times)))
(setq n (point)))
(setq times
((< (count-lines (point) n) times) -1) ; Not enough lines.
((or (null (re-search-forward regexp nil t back))
(if back (and (< (match-end 0) n)
(> (count-lines (match-end 0) n) 1))
(and (< n (match-beginning 0))
(> (count-lines n (match-beginning 0)) 1))))
0) ; No match within lines.
(back (count-lines (max n (match-beginning 0)) (match-end 0)))
(t (count-lines (match-beginning 0) (min n (match-end 0))))))
(goto-char n))
(and (zerop times) (looking-at "^.*$"))))
"Search for the TIMESth occurrence of a line with no match for REGEXP.
If such a line is found, return non-nil and set the match-data to that line.
If TIMES is negative, search backwards."
(let ((step 1)
(noerror 'move))
(when (< times 0)
(setq times (- times)
step -1
noerror t))
;; Note that we do not check the current line.
(while (and (> times 0)
(zerop (forward-line step)))
;; Move only to handle eob in the forward case: on last line,
;; (forward-line 1) returns 0 before the end of line.
(or (re-search-forward regexp (line-end-position) noerror)
(setq times (1- times)))))
(when (zerop times)
(forward-line 0)
(looking-at ".*")))
(provide 'view)
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