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Make indent-tabs-mode into a regular mode instead of just a variable

* lisp/simple.el (indent-tabs-mode): Make into a minor mode (bug#6276).
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......@@ -2222,6 +2222,9 @@ This command, called interactively, toggles the local value of
** Miscellaneous
*** 'indent-tabs-mode' is now a global minor mode instead of just a variable.
*** New user option 'save-place-abbreviate-file-names'.
......@@ -6682,6 +6682,10 @@ or \"mark.*active\" at the prompt."
;; It's defined in C/cus-start, this stops the d-m-m macro defining it again.
:variable (default-value 'transient-mark-mode))
(define-minor-mode indent-tabs-mode
"Toggle whether indentation can insert TAB characters."
:global t :group 'indent :variable indent-tabs-mode)
(defvar widen-automatically t
"Non-nil means it is ok for commands to call `widen' when they want to.
Some commands will do this in order to go to positions outside
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