Commit c12a7cbd authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(x_make_frame_visible): Raise a signal to cause the pending X I/O to be read.

parent c89c189e
......@@ -5668,23 +5668,17 @@ x_make_frame_visible (f)
so that incoming events are handled. */
Lisp_Object frame;
int one_in_four = 1;
XSET (frame, Lisp_Frame, f);
while (! f->async_visible)
x_sync (frame);
/* On HPUX on the HP800, the sleep is needed sometimes. */
if ((one_in_four & 3) == 0)
Fsleep_for (make_number (1), make_number (0));
Fsleep_for (make_number (0), make_number (250));
/* Machines that do polling rather than SIGIO have been observed
to go into a busy-wait here. Send the alarm signal to let
the handler know that there's something to be read. */
#ifndef SIGIO
kill (getpid(), SIGALRM);
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