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(Note): Describe features for debugging with GDB in Emacs.

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......@@ -245,6 +245,25 @@ and, assuming that "xtype" says that args[0] is a symbol:
** Using GDB in Emacs
Debugging with GDB in Emacs offers some advantages over the command line (See
the GDB Graphical Interface node of the Emacs manual). There are also some
features available just for debugging Emacs:
1) The command gud-pp isavailable on the tool bar (the `pp' icon) and allows
the user to print the s-expression of the variable at point, in the GUD
2) Pressing `p' on a component of a watch expression that is a lisp object
in the speedbar prints its s-expression in the GUD buffer.
3) The STOP button on the tool bar is adjusted so that it sends SIGTSTP
instead of the usual SIGINT.
4) The command gud-pv has the global binding 'C-x C-a C-v' and prints the
value of the lisp variable at point.
** Debugging what happens while preloading and dumping Emacs
Type `gdb temacs' and start it with `r -batch -l loadup dump'.
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