Commit c1712f55 authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen

Fix prompt for the `M-S-x' command

* lisp/simple.el (read-extended-command): Further kludge the
hard-coded "M-x" prompt for the new `M-S-x' command.
parent 331e49df
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......@@ -1980,7 +1980,9 @@ This function uses the `read-extended-command-predicate' user option."
;; but actually a prompt other than "M-x" would be confusing,
;; because "M-x" is a well-known prompt to read a command
;; and it serves as a shorthand for "Extended command: ".
"M-x ")
(if (memq 'shift (event-modifiers last-command-event))
"M-X "
"M-x "))
(lambda (string pred action)
(if (and suggest-key-bindings (eq action 'metadata))
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