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2001-12-04 Stefan Monnier <>
* keyboard.c (kbd_buffer_store_event): Fix interrupt_signal prototype.
Pass a dummy argument when calling interrupt_signal.
(parse_menu_item): Mark disabled items before checking for empty def.
(read_char_minibuf_menu_prompt): Make safety more visible.
(read_key_sequence): Add a `first_unbound' variable.
Use it to detect C-c ESC ESC ESC ESC ... cases and drop the
unbound prefix as soon as we can detect it.
* doc.c (Fsnarf_documentation): Add prototype.
(get_doc_string): Handle negative arguments.
(Fdocumentation): Use AREF and ASIZE.
Move the calls to get_doc_string to a single place.
Don't confuse an interactive-spec for a docstring reference.
(Fdocumentation_property): Take advantage of the fact that
get_doc_string now ignores the sign of the docstring position.
* eval.c: Use standard syntax for usage in docstrings.
2001-12-03 Pavel Jan,Bm(Bk <>
* xdisp.c (syms_of_xdisp): Make `tool-bar-button-relief` an
* xdisp.c (syms_of_xdisp): Make `tool-bar-button-relief` an option.
2001-12-02 Pavel Jan,Bm(Bk <>
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