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Describe yank-excluded-properties.

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......@@ -320,6 +320,15 @@ mark after it. This happens only if the argument is specified with just
a @kbd{C-u}, precisely. Any other sort of argument, including @kbd{C-u}
and digits, specifies an earlier kill to yank (@pxref{Earlier Kills}).
@cindex yanking and text properties
@vindex yank-excluded-properties
The yank commands discard certain text properties from the text that
is thanked, those that might lead to annoying results. For instance,
they discard text properties that respond to the mouse or specify key
bindings. The variable @code{yank-excluded-properties} specifies the
properties to discard. Yanking of register contents and rectangles
also discard these properties.
@kindex M-w
@findex kill-ring-save
To copy a block of text, you can use @kbd{M-w}
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