Commit c1ac9f5e authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(flyspell-hack-local-variables-hook): New. Force buffer local defs evaluation

on local variables loading.
(flyspell-mode-on, flyspell-mode-off): Use it in `hack-local-variables-hook'.
parent d6598d46
......@@ -541,6 +541,11 @@ in your .emacs file.
(member (or ispell-local-dictionary ispell-dictionary)
(defun flyspell-hack-local-variables-hook ()
;; When local variables are loaded, see if the dictionary context
;; has changed.
(flyspell-accept-buffer-local-defs 'force))
(defun flyspell-kill-ispell-hook ()
(setq flyspell-last-buffer nil)
(dolist (buf (buffer-list))
......@@ -579,6 +584,9 @@ in your .emacs file.
(add-hook 'pre-command-hook (function flyspell-pre-command-hook) t t)
;; we bound flyspell action to after-change hook
(add-hook 'after-change-functions 'flyspell-after-change-function nil t)
;; we bound flyspell action to hack-local-variables-hook
(add-hook 'hack-local-variables-hook
(function flyspell-hack-local-variables-hook) t t)
;; set flyspell-generic-check-word-predicate based on the major mode
(let ((mode-predicate (get major-mode 'flyspell-mode-predicate)))
(if mode-predicate
......@@ -684,6 +692,8 @@ not the very same deplacement command."
(remove-hook 'post-command-hook (function flyspell-post-command-hook) t)
(remove-hook 'pre-command-hook (function flyspell-pre-command-hook) t)
(remove-hook 'after-change-functions 'flyspell-after-change-function t)
(remove-hook 'hack-local-variables-hook
(function flyspell-hack-local-variables-hook) t)
;; we remove all the flyspell hilightings
;; we have to erase pre cache variables
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