Commit c1c63edb authored by Karoly Lorentey's avatar Karoly Lorentey
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Don't compile sys_select on systems that don't need it.

src/sysdep.c (sys_select): This function is unnecessary on most
systems, so #ifdef it out.

parent 096d4be3
......@@ -213,9 +213,22 @@ DIARY OF CHANGES
(Seems to be working OK.)
-- Enable select on ttys (sys_select disables the native select on
non-X systems). There are some systems (OSS, SCO, maybe cygwin?)
that don't support this, so make sure the emulation remains
available for them.
(This was a bogus issue, select is only #defined to be sys_select
by sysselect.h if BROKEN_SELECT_NON_X. Fixed sysdep.c to compile
sys_select only then.)
** Understand Emacs's low-level input system. It seems
complicated. :-)
** Fix mysterious memory corruption error with tty deletion. To
trigger it, try the following shell command:
......@@ -232,6 +245,9 @@ THINGS TO DO
Update: yes it does, although it is much rarer. Or maybe it's
another bug.
Update: Some of these errors may have been caused by having more
file handles than FD_SETSIZE.
** Make parts of struct tty_output accessible from Lisp. The device
name and the type is sufficient.
......@@ -264,11 +280,12 @@ THINGS TO DO
** Find out the best way to support suspending Emacs with multiple
** Do tty output through term_hooks, like all other display backends.
** Do tty output through term_hooks, like graphical display backends.
** Fix X support.
** Allow simultaneous X and tty frames.
** Allow simultaneous X and tty frames. (Handling input could be
** Fix Mac support (I can't do this myself).
......@@ -2499,7 +2499,7 @@ select_alarm ()
longjmp (read_alarm_throw, 1);
#if (!defined (HAVE_SELECT) || defined (BROKEN_SELECT_NON_X)) && !defined (WINDOWSNT)
/* Only rfds are checked. */
sys_select (nfds, rfds, wfds, efds, timeout)
......@@ -2631,7 +2631,7 @@ sys_select (nfds, rfds, wfds, efds, timeout)
return ravail;
#endif /* not WINDOWSNT */
#endif /* (!defined (HAVE_SELECT) || defined (BROKEN_SELECT_NON_X)) && !defined (WINDOWSNT) */
/* Read keyboard input into the standard buffer,
waiting for at least one character. */
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