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*** empty log message ***

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2008-09-06 Glenn Morris <>
* pmailsort.el (pmail-dont-reply-to, pmail-desc-get-marker-end)
(pmail-desc-get-marker-start): Remove declarations of undefined
(pmail-select-correspondent): Use rmail-dont-reply-to from mail-utils
rather than non-existent pmail-dont-reply-to.
* pmailkwd.el (pmail-maybe-set-message-counters)
* pmailmsc.el (pmail-parse-file-inboxes):
* pmailsum.el (pmail-output-read-pmail-file-name):
Remove unused declarations.
* pmail.el (pmail-spam-filter): Remove declaration of undefined
2008-09-05 Paul Reilly <>
* pmail.el (pmail-get-new-mail): When there are no new messages, invoke
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