Commit c1d478c3 authored by Thien-Thi Nguyen's avatar Thien-Thi Nguyen
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Revert last change.

parent 4c5cd2d2
2007-07-05 Thien-Thi Nguyen <>
* emacs-lisp/byte-opt.el: Revert last change.
2007-07-05 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* vc-hooks.el (vc-handled-backends): Add HG.
......@@ -1444,32 +1444,6 @@
byte-member byte-assq byte-quo byte-rem)
(defconst byte-compile-side-effect-free-dynamically-safe-ops
'(;; Same as `byte-compile-side-effect-free-ops' but without
;; `byte-varref', `byte-symbol-value' and certain editing
;; primitives.
byte-constant byte-dup byte-symbolp byte-consp byte-stringp byte-listp
byte-integerp byte-numberp byte-eq byte-equal byte-not byte-car-safe
byte-cdr-safe byte-cons byte-list1 byte-list2 byte-point byte-point-max
byte-point-min byte-following-char byte-preceding-char
byte-eolp byte-eobp byte-bolp byte-bobp
;; Bytecodes from `byte-compile-side-effect-and-error-free-ops'.
;; We are not going to remove them, so it is fine.
byte-nth byte-memq byte-car byte-cdr byte-length byte-aref
byte-get byte-concat2 byte-concat3 byte-sub1 byte-add1
byte-eqlsign byte-gtr byte-lss byte-leq byte-geq byte-diff byte-negate
byte-plus byte-max byte-min byte-mult byte-char-after
byte-string= byte-string< byte-nthcdr byte-elt
byte-member byte-assq byte-quo byte-rem))
(put 'debug-on-error 'binding-is-magic t)
(put 'debug-on-abort 'binding-is-magic t)
(put 'inhibit-quit 'binding-is-magic t)
(put 'quit-flag 'binding-is-magic t)
(put 'gc-cons-threshold 'binding-is-magic t)
(put 'track-mouse 'binding-is-magic t)
;; This crock is because of the way DEFVAR_BOOL variables work.
;; Consider the code
......@@ -1539,7 +1513,7 @@ If FOR-EFFECT is non-nil, the return value is assumed to be of no importance."
(setq rest (cdr rest))
(cond ((= tmp 1)
" %s discard\t-->\t<deleted>" lap0)
" %s discard\t-->\t<deleted>" lap0)
(setq lap (delq lap0 (delq lap1 lap))))
((= tmp 0)
......@@ -1874,55 +1848,6 @@ If FOR-EFFECT is non-nil, the return value is assumed to be of no importance."
(setq lap (delq lap0 lap))))
(setq keep-going t))
;; varbind-X [car/cdr/ ...] unbind-1 --> discard [car/cdr/ ...]
;; varbind-X [car/cdr/ ...] unbind-N
;; --> discard [car/cdr/ ...] unbind-(N-1)
((and (eq 'byte-varbind (car lap1))
(not (get (cadr lap1) 'binding-is-magic)))
(setq tmp (cdr rest))
(memq (caar (setq tmp (cdr tmp)))
(and (eq (caar tmp) 'byte-varref)
(not (eq (cadr (car tmp)) (cadr lap1))))))
(when (eq 'byte-unbind (caar tmp))
;; Avoid evalling this crap when not logging anyway.
(when (memq byte-optimize-log '(t lap))
(let ((format-string)
(if (and (= (aref byte-stack+-info (symbol-value (car lap0)))
(memq (car lap0) side-effect-free))
(setq format-string
" %s %s [car/cdr/ ...] %s\t-->\t[car/cdr/ ...]"
args (list lap0 lap1 (car tmp)))
(setq format-string
" %s [car/cdr/ ...] %s\t-->\t%s [car/cdr/ ...]"
args (list lap1 (car tmp) (cons 'byte-discard 0))))
(when (> (cdar tmp) 1)
(setq format-string (concat format-string " %s"))
(nconc args (list (cons 'byte-unbind (1- (cdar tmp))))))
(apply 'byte-compile-log-lap-1 format-string args)))
;; Do the real work.
(if (and (= (aref byte-stack+-info (symbol-value (car lap0)))
(memq (car lap0) side-effect-free))
;; Optimization: throw const/dup/... varbind right away.
(setcar rest (nth 2 rest))
(setcdr rest (nthcdr 3 rest)))
(setcar lap1 'byte-discard)
(setcdr lap1 0))
(if (= (cdar tmp) 1)
;; Throw away unbind-1.
(setcar tmp (nth 1 tmp))
(setcdr tmp (nthcdr 2 tmp)))
(setcdr (car tmp) (1- (cdar tmp))))
(setq keep-going t)))
;; X: varref-Y ... varset-Y goto-X -->
;; X: varref-Y Z: ... dup varset-Y goto-Z
;; (varset-X goto-BACK, BACK: varref-X --> copy the varref down.)
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