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Merge from gnus--rel--5.10

Patches applied:

   Update from CVS
parent a12c6dca
2004-09-28 Jesper Harder <>
* gnus-picon.el: Require cl.
* mml-sec.el (mml-signencrypt-style): Don't depend on Gnus.
* mml-smime.el: Require cl. Autoload message-fetch-field.
* gnus-fun.el: Require gnus-ems and gnus-util.
* gnus-diary.el (gnus-diary-header-schedule): caddr -> car (cddr
* gnus-art.el (gnus-article-edit-mode): Define before first
* gnus.el (gnus-method-to-server): Move defsubst before first use.
* spam.el (spam-check-spamoracle, spam-spamoracle-learn): Fix
format string mismatch.
* nnml.el (nnml-request-set-mark, nnml-save-marks): do.
* nnfolder.el (nnfolder-request-set-mark, nnfolder-save-marks): do.
2004-09-27 Reiner Steib <>
* gnus.el (gnus-version-number): Set to 5.11.
......@@ -1464,6 +1464,8 @@ Initialized from `text-mode-syntax-table.")
(defvar gnus-inhibit-hiding nil)
(defvar gnus-article-edit-mode nil)
;;; Macros for dealing with the article buffer.
(defmacro gnus-with-article-headers (&rest forms)
......@@ -204,7 +204,7 @@ There are currently two built-in format functions:
(let ((head (cdr (assoc (intern (format "X-Diary-%s" (car elt)))
(when head
(nndiary-parse-schedule-value head (cadr elt) (caddr elt)))))
(nndiary-parse-schedule-value head (cadr elt) (car (cddr elt))))))
;; #### NOTE: Gnus sometimes gives me a HEADER not corresponding to any
......@@ -26,8 +26,11 @@
;;; Code:
(require 'cl)
(require 'mm-util))
(require 'cl))
(require 'mm-util)
(require 'gnus-ems)
(require 'gnus-util)
(defcustom gnus-x-face-directory (expand-file-name "x-faces" gnus-directory)
"*Directory where X-Face PBM files are stored."
......@@ -40,8 +40,9 @@
;;; Code:
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl))
(require 'gnus)
(require 'custom)
(require 'gnus-art)
;;; User variables:
......@@ -3308,38 +3308,6 @@ that that variable is buffer-local to the summary buffers."
(push (cons server result) gnus-server-method-cache))
(defsubst gnus-method-to-server (method)
(catch 'server-name
(setq method (or method gnus-select-method))
;; Perhaps it is already in the cache.
(mapc (lambda (name-method)
(if (equal (cdr name-method) method)
(throw 'server-name (car name-method))))
(lambda (server-alist)
(mapc (lambda (name-method)
(when (gnus-methods-equal-p (cdr name-method) method)
(unless (member name-method gnus-server-method-cache)
(push name-method gnus-server-method-cache))
(throw 'server-name (car name-method))))
(let ((alists (list gnus-server-alist
(if gnus-select-method
(push (list (cons "native" gnus-select-method)) alists))
(let* ((name (if (member (cadr method) '(nil ""))
(format "%s" (car method))
(format "%s:%s" (car method) (cadr method))))
(name-method (cons name method)))
(unless (member name-method gnus-server-method-cache)
(push name-method gnus-server-method-cache))
(defsubst gnus-server-get-method (group method)
;; Input either a server name, and extended server name, or a
;; select method, and return a select method.
......@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ You can also customize or set `mml-signencrypt-style-alist' instead."
(setf (second style-item) style)
;; otherwise, just return the current value
(second style-item))
(gnus-message 3 "Warning, attempt to set invalid signencrypt-style"))))
(message "Warning, attempt to set invalid signencrypt style"))))
;;; Security functions
......@@ -25,9 +25,12 @@
;;; Code:
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl))
(require 'smime)
(require 'mm-decode)
(autoload 'message-narrow-to-headers "message")
(autoload 'message-fetch-field "message")
(defun mml-smime-sign (cont)
(when (null smime-keys)
......@@ -1174,7 +1174,7 @@ This command does not work if you use short group names."
(let ((range (nth 0 action))
(what (nth 1 action))
(marks (nth 2 action)))
(assert (or (eq what 'add) (eq what 'del)) t
(assert (or (eq what 'add) (eq what 'del)) nil
"Unknown request-set-mark action: %s" what)
(dolist (mark marks)
(setq nnfolder-marks (gnus-update-alist-soft
......@@ -923,7 +923,7 @@ Use the nov database for the current group if available."
(let ((range (nth 0 action))
(what (nth 1 action))
(marks (nth 2 action)))
(assert (or (eq what 'add) (eq what 'del)) t
(assert (or (eq what 'add) (eq what 'del)) nil
"Unknown request-set-mark action: %s" what)
(dolist (mark marks)
(setq nnml-marks (gnus-update-alist-soft
......@@ -1746,7 +1746,7 @@ REMOVE not nil, remove the ADDRESSES."
(goto-char (point-min))
(when (re-search-forward "^X-Spam: yes;" nil t)
(error "Error running spamoracle" status))))))))
(error "Error running spamoracle: %s" status))))))))
(defun spam-spamoracle-learn (articles article-is-spam-p &optional unregister)
"Run spamoracle in training mode."
......@@ -1768,8 +1768,8 @@ REMOVE not nil, remove the ADDRESSES."
`("-f" ,spam-spamoracle-database
"add" ,arg)
`("add" ,arg)))))
(when (not (eq 0 status))
(error "Error running spamoracle" status)))))))
(unless (eq 0 status)
(error "Error running spamoracle: %s" status)))))))
(defun spam-spamoracle-learn-ham (articles &optional unregister)
(spam-spamoracle-learn articles nil unregister))
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