Commit c1e7532d authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(realize_default_face): Don't set the weight and slant

of the default face to Qnormal, unless these attributes are
parent f04f5c76
......@@ -6172,8 +6172,10 @@ realize_default_face (f)
LFACE_FAMILY (lface) = build_string ("default");
LFACE_SWIDTH (lface) = Qnormal;
LFACE_HEIGHT (lface) = make_number (1);
LFACE_WEIGHT (lface) = Qnormal;
LFACE_SLANT (lface) = Qnormal;
LFACE_WEIGHT (lface) = Qnormal;
LFACE_SLANT (lface) = Qnormal;
LFACE_AVGWIDTH (lface) = Qunspecified;
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