Commit c20d5073 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(frame-background-mode): Use set-default, not set, in setter.

(frame-update-faces, frame-update-face-colors): Define with defalias.
parent 0d1f7c08
......@@ -1272,7 +1272,7 @@ your background is light, or nil (default) if you want Emacs to
examine the brightness for you."
:group 'faces
:set #'(lambda (var value)
(set var value)
(set-default var value)
(mapcar 'frame-set-background-mode (frame-list)))
:initialize 'custom-initialize-changed
:type '(choice (choice-item dark)
......@@ -1469,15 +1469,13 @@ created."
;; Update a frame's faces when we change its default font.
(defun frame-update-faces (frame)
(defalias 'frame-update-faces 'ignore)
(make-obsolete 'frame-update-faces "No longer necessary" "21.1")
;; Update the colors of FACE, after FRAME's own colors have been
;; changed.
(defun frame-update-face-colors (frame)
(frame-set-background-mode frame))
(defalias 'frame-update-face-colors 'frame-set-background-mode)
(make-obsolete 'frame-update-face-colors 'frame-set-background-mode "21.1")
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