Commit c2125d3f authored by Karl Berry's avatar Karl Berry
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touch up index entries

parent a71f4eeb
2007-04-08 Karl Berry <>
* symbols.texi (Plists and Alists): Period after "vs" in index entries.
* macros.texi (Backquote): Downcase Backquote in index entries for
2007-04-08 Richard Stallman <>
* text.texi (Adaptive Fill): Just describe default,
......@@ -286,7 +286,7 @@ two forms yield identical results:
@end group
@end example
@findex , @r{(with Backquote)}
@findex , @r{(with backquote)}
The special marker @samp{,} inside of the argument to backquote
indicates a value that isn't constant. Backquote evaluates the
argument of @samp{,} and puts the value in the list structure:
......@@ -318,7 +318,7 @@ structure also. For example:
@end group
@end example
@findex ,@@ @r{(with Backquote)}
@findex ,@@ @r{(with backquote)}
@cindex splicing (with backquote)
You can also @dfn{splice} an evaluated value into the resulting list,
using the special marker @samp{,@@}. The elements of the spliced list
......@@ -436,8 +436,8 @@ names, and the other two elements are the corresponding values.
@node Plists and Alists
@subsection Property Lists and Association Lists
@cindex plist vs alist
@cindex alist vs plist
@cindex plist vs. alist
@cindex alist vs. plist
@cindex property lists vs association lists
Association lists (@pxref{Association Lists}) are very similar to
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