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(Non-Gregorian Diary Entries): New name for node "Hebrew/Islamic Entries".

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......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ diary suit your personal tastes.
* Date Display Format:: Changing the format.
* Time Display Format:: Changing the format.
* Diary Customizing:: Defaults you can set.
* Hebrew/Islamic Entries:: How to obtain them.
* Non-Gregorian Diary Entries:: Making entries based on other calendars.
* Fancy Diary Display:: Enhancing the diary display, sorting entries,
using included diary files.
* Sexp Diary Entries:: Fancy things you can do.
......@@ -449,8 +449,8 @@ to match part of a word beyond the date itself to distinguish it from
the fourth pattern.
@c FIXME Baha'i.
@node Hebrew/Islamic Entries
@subsection Hebrew- and Islamic-Date Diary Entries
@node Non-Gregorian Diary Entries
@subsection Diary Entries Using non-Gregorian Calendars
Your diary file can have entries based on Baha'i, Hebrew, or Islamic
dates, as well as entries based on the world-standard Gregorian
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